Mike Grossman's Journey

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Mike's Education

Mike Grossman grew up in Belmont, MA and attended the Fenn School in Concord, MA from 4th grade to the 7th grade. Then he attended Buckingham Brown & Nichols (BB&N) in Cambridge, MA from 8th to12th grade.

Michael started playing soccer and basketball in 2nd grade and his father coached many of the teams he was on. Mike continued to play soccer and basketball through college.

The transition from Fenn to BB&N was challenging, going from an all-boys school to a co-ed school and not knowing anyone there. Mike quickly made friends while learning in the school's competitive atmosphere.

After graduating from BB&N, Mike attended Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Mike pledged to the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in his first semester freshman year. Coursework at Brandeis included art history, artificial intelligence, and fine art (sculpture).

After earning a Bachelor's in Computer Science, Mike also received a Master's in Software Engineering from Brandeis University. After graduating, Mike also received a certificate in 3D animation from Boston University.

Mike's Work Logos

Mike's Work

While an undergrad at Brandeis University, Michael taught himself how to code in HTML and create images using Photoshop. Two different departments at the university hired Mike to build websites for them, including the Dining Services department, which Aramark operated at the time.

In the summer between Junior and Senior year, Michael Grossman interned for Domania.com located in Allston, MA. Mike started as an unpaid intern with the title "Database Engineer." After the CEO of the company met with Mike and explained the importance of his role, Mike requested he become a paid intern. That request was approved and the internship was very successful. After his senior year at Brandeis, Domania hired Mike as a QA Engineer.

Less than a year after working at Domania, Mike started Digizaar with friends from MIT. The Digizaar team received mentoring from the MIT Venture Mentoring group and hired a team of developers and marketing managers very quickly.

Initially Digizaar was a platform to sell digital assets like image files, ebooks, videos, and more. The company very quickly pivoted into only selling music files. The music was unencrypted and most of the proceeds went to the artists.

After Digizaar, Mike Grossman worked at Children's Hospital Boston. Mike worked with Dr. Stephen Porter in the Harvard MIT Informatics group. Together, they performed a clinical trial testing usability concerns for an electronic health care system.

Michael next worked at EasyLobby in Needham, MA. Mike Grossman was tasked with working on the next version of the flagship software product. One year later, the  company was purchased by HID, and Mike eventually left to start consulting and subsequently start his digital marketing agency, Mike Grossman Consulting.

Mike's Agency
Mike Grossman

Mike's Agency

While consulting as a software developer, Michael Grossman became aware of the demand for SEO. He realized that he could gain mastery of SEO and offer it at a competitive rate. Because of Mike's love for continuous learning, he eagerly accepted the challenge. As a result of adding SEO to his toolkit, Mike made a pivot from contract software engineering to digital marketing agency owner.

Eight years later, Mike Grossman is a highly experienced SEO expert and offers SEO services through his digital marketing agency Mike Grossman Consulting. He has a team of web developers and SEO specialists working on a wide range of projects for business clients and white label agency partners.

Mike Grossman Consulting offers a free 13-point website assessment and a free SEO audit. Please reach out to discuss your project.

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